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10 Tournaments
10 Months
1 Champion

What Is the 1611 Tour?

The 1611 Indoor Golf Tour is a 10-month long league made up of 10 individual month-long tournaments. Players can play up to 3 rounds per tournament during the qualifying period. The players with the top 4 scores during the qualifying period advance to the Tournament Finals for a chance to compete for a piece of the $500 cash payout! Players will earn Tour Points based on where they place in each tournament, playing qualifying rounds & advancing to Tournament Finals. The players who place in the Top 6 in the Season Standings following the final tournament in October will advance to the Tour Championship on November 13th.


How The Tour Works

1.) Register

 - Fill out the Tour Registration Form & pay the $20 entry fee

2.) Play Your Qualifying Rounds

- Play up to 3 rounds during the qualifying period & have your best score submitted for a chance at the Tournament Finals. 

3.) Advance 

- The players with the Top 4 Scores advance to the Tournament Finals for a chance to compete for the $500 cash purse! 


Top 4

4.) Earn Tour Points 

- Add points to your season total for a chance to place in the Top 6 at the end of the season. The Top 6 will advance to the Tour Championship & compete for the $5,000 cash payout! 

*Late to join & Already Missed multiple tournaments?

No worries! Each month is its own tournament with its own $500 CASH PAYOUT! So, even if you feel like you might not be able to catch up in the Season Standings, you can still join and play each month & compete for the cash!  

Tour Schedule



Qualifying Period: 
September 1st-18th

Tournament Finals:
September 25th

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Qualifying Period:
October 1st - 23rd

Tournament Finals:
October 30th

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