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Rental rates

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Reg. Bays = $50/Hr
(Bays 1-4 & Studio Bay)

Big Bays = $60/Hr
(Big Bay 1 & 2)

*All Non-Member Bay Rentals require a $25 Deposit per Bay
**Add a sleeve of Srixon Q-Star premium golf balls for $5 at time of booking. 
*Specific Bay # are subject to change based on ava

Bay Types & Rates

*Bays are rented per hour NOT per person. However, for parties of 6+, we HIGHLY recommend renting multiple bays. For parties of 8+ we require multiple bay rentals. If you have 20+ checkout our private events!

**Rental Sets are available for $10 per set**

Regular Bay = $50 Per Hour
Suggested party size: 1-4
Perfect for: individual practice, play &
Smaller Groups of 1-4

Studio Bay = $50 Per Hour
Suggested Party Size: 1 - 4
Perfect for: Private practice & smaller groups

Big Bay = $60 Per Hour
Suggested Party Size: 4 - 8 (8-12 w/ both big bays)
Perfect for: Private Parties & medium to large groups

Regular Hours
Monday - Thursday
10AM - 8PM
Friday - Saturday
10AM - 9PM
12pM - 6PM

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*$25 Deposit due at check out to hold reservation.
Refundable if cancelled w/ more than 24 hours notice.
*Bay will be released 15-minutes After booking time for "no-shows".
"No-Shows" are also subject to a charge of 50% of total bay rental. 
*An automatic gratuity of 20% will be applied to parties of 6 or more
(Only if party orders food & beverage.)