Corporate Membership - $300/Month

What Comes With A Corporate Membership?

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Year Round Golf

Receive 10 hours of Bay Rentals every month. Use the hours for yourself or let employees & clients enjoy year round golf! 

*Prepay for the entire year & receive all your hours upfront! Plus All Unused Hours Rollover!

Advertising Expense

All Corporate Packages Come with ability to advertise at 1611. This can help classify your corporate package as a business expense come tax time!

Get More Exposure

Your company's ad & logo will run around the clock during business hours! Get your company in front of every person that walks through our doors!

Member Discount

All 1611 Members also get a 20% discount on additional bay rentals, clubs, fittings, equipment, facility rentals & merch!

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Club Rentals

Don't have your clubs? Or forgot them? No need to drive back home! All 1611 Members get free club rentals!


Corporate Advertising Examples

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In-Bay Advertising

All companies with a Corporate Membership can run an advertisement on all 4 of our Bay Ad TVs! Don't have an advertisement? No problem!

We can help design one for you! 

"Hands-down, the best marketing decision I’ve made in the last 5 years is my bay sponsorship at 1611. Not only have I landed 2 clients directly from it in the first 4 months, it’s also tax-friendly and just plain fun! The value has far exceeded my expectations.”

-David Stoltzman, Realtor

(Bay Sponsor since 2020)

Bay Sponsorship

Want to receive the maximum exposure for your company? With a Bay Sponsorship, you can rename & redesign one of our bays with your company's logo, banners & advertisements! Ready to become a Bay Sponsor? Fill out the form below to check availability & to find out more about becoming a Bay Sponsor!  

Corporate Members & Sponsors

Bay Sponsors

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Corporate Members

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Welch Law Firm Logo.PNG
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