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Director of Golf
Aaron Adair

1611 Instructors

Brian Wilson

17-Year Tour Pro

3x Senior US Open Qualifier

8+ years as Head Golf Coach

12+ years of instruction experience


Monday - Saturday

10AM - 2PM

Brannon McCabe

10+ Years of Competitve Golf 

Active APT Tour Player

Multiple Wins on Legacy Tour

4-Year Collegiate Golfer 


Wednesday - Sunday

10AM - 8PM

Lesson & Club Fitting Pricing

1-Hour Adult Lesson - $130

1-Hour Junior Lesson - $100

Trackman 30 - $80

Single Club Fitting - $75

Full Bag - $250

*Trackman 30: A 30-minute lesson with our instructor followed by a 30-minute bay rental to continue to work the instruction. 

*1611 Members receive 1-free Trackman 30
& 20% off all additional lessons & club fittings.
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