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The 1611 Indoor Golf Tour

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Rules & Format

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Tour Overview

  • The 1611 Indoor Golf Tour is an individual stroke-play consisting of 10 monthly tournaments stretching from January to October.

  • Following the 10 monthly tournaments, the players that finish in the top-6 of the season standings, will have the opportunity to compete in the Tour Championship. The Tour Championship will take place in November.

*All players MUST BE logged into their Trackman Account and must play within the "Tournaments" tab on Trackman for all qualifying rounds. Or else the round will not be recorded.

**All players must email a picture of their scorecard to: If scorecard is not submitted via email, the player will not receive the 25 tour points for playing a qualifying round. 

Monthly Tournament Format

  • Handicaps & Flights:

    • Different from previous 1611 Tours, the 1611 Indoor Golf Tour will have no handicaps (# of pops) or flights. Instead, a modified Callaway Handicap System will be used for Tour rounds. 

  • Callaway Handicap System:

    • The Callaway Handicap System is handicapping system that helps determine a players handicap based on a single 18-hole round. You can learn more about how the Callaway Handicap System works here. The Tour will use a modified version of this handicap system. 

  • Maximum Stroke Adjustment 



  • Monthly Registration

    • Each month players who wish to play in that month's tournaments, will need to:

      1. Fill out a registration form.

      2. Pay $20 entry fee (This does not include your bay rental. 1611 Members can use their monthly hours. Non-members will be responsible for paying for their bay rental.)

  • Qualifying Rounds

    • Once a player is registered, they can play up to, but not more than 3 qualifying rounds. The players best score will be taken as their tournament score.

    • Qualifying rounds must be played during the qualifying period. Typically, the qualifying period will start on the 1st of each month and end on the 2nd to last Sunday of each month. (Check The Tour homepage for Tournament Schedule & Qualifying Periods.)

    • Following the qualifying period, the players with the top 4 scores will advance to the Tournament Finals.

*All players MUST BE logged into their Trackman Account and must play within the "Tournaments" tab on Trackman for all qualifying rounds. Or else the round will not be recorded.

Tournament Finals

  • The players with the top 4 scores during the qualifying period, will advance to the tournament finals each month.

  • The tournament finals will be held on the final Sunday of each month. (Unless otherwise stated)

  • Players MUST BE PRESENT on the day of the Tour Finals. (Unless given consent to play early by Tour Commissioner).

  • Players will NOT be required to purchase (use member hours) for the Tournament Finals.

  • If a player who qualifies for the the Finals is unable to make the tournament finals (either on the final Sunday or prior with consent), they must let 1611 know no less than 48 hours prior to the tournament finals. With notice that player will be given a 4th place finish. 

  • Players who "no-show" the Tournament Finals are subject to a DQ for that month's tournament.

  • Tournament Finals will also be scored using the Callaway Handicapping System.

Tour Championship

  • Following the 10 monthly tournaments, the players who rank in the Top 6 of the Season Standings, will advance to the Tour Championship.

  • Players earn Tour Points by:

    • Playing Qualifying Rounds

    • Finishing Position in Monthly Tournaments 

    • Advancing to the Tournament Finals


    • If two or more players have the same amount of overall Tour Points following October's Tournament, the tie will be broken based on the following:​

      1. # of Tournaments Played​

      2. Total # of Qualifying Rounds played throughout the entire 1611 Tour

  • The Tour Championship will be played in November. All players who make the Tour Championship, MUST be present and play on the designated day & time.

  • The Tour Championship will be a 36-hole cumulative score.

  • The Tour Championship will forgo the the Callaway Handicap System. Instead, the 36-hole championship will be scored using each player's Trackman Handicap System. All ties will be settled by a 3-Hole Aggregate Playoff. If the tie is still not broken, players will continue to play additional holes until the tie is broken. 

Additional Rules

  • All players competing on the Tour, must sign-in using their Trackman Account for all Qualifying Rounds & Tournament Final Rounds.

  • Tiebreakers:

    • Qualifying Rounds:

      • Scorecard Playoff using the player's gross score for following (as necessary):

        1. Back 9 Holes 

        2. First 6 Holes

        3. Last 3 Holes

        4. First 3 Holes

        5. First & Last Hole (#1 & #18)

      • These tiebreakers will rotate each month. The 1st tournament will use the order stated above. For the 2nd tournament, the "Back 9 Holes" tiebreaker will be rotated down to the 5th tiebreaker spot. This rotation will continue after each tournament. 

    • Tournament Finals

      • A Sudden Death Playoff will be used to break any ties. 


  • Trackman Simulator Settings For All Tour Rounds:

    • Putting:

      • Manual-Aimed

      • 8-foot gimmes

    • Course Conditions

      • Fairways: Hard

      • Greens: Medium

      • Green Stimp: 9

      • Pins: Medium

      • Wind: Breezy

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