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What is 1611 Indoor Golf Club? Think of your local country club mixed with your favorite sports bar and you get an atmosphere unlike any other! We offer top of the line technology, lessons & custom club-fitting, a full-service bar and kitchen and several TVs so you never miss the game while you work on yours! So, whether you are looking to shave some strokes, compete against your buddies, a fun date night or just a great night out with friends, 1611 offers the ultimate atmosphere & experience to Train, Play & Party!

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Practice using today’s best technology and experience the difference. Use Trackman’s accurate data and look at multiple camera angles of your swing. Utilize 2 different styles of ranges, on course practice, test center or do a combine and email all the results to yourself when completed.

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Experience today’s best graphics with today’s most accurate virtual golf simulator. Change the course conditions on one of our 215+ courses from around the world. Set the tees, fairways, greens and wind conditions to your preference. Play a scramble, match-play or just a stroke play game. Next best thing to standing on the 18th tee box at Pebble Beach!

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We have the setup for any size party you have. Rent our private room, our Big Bays or the entire facility and give your party goers the most fun they will have at a party! We can setup video game consoles, different play settings and more for your party needs. Allow us to help throw the best party you have ever thrown!

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