1611 Membership - $150/Month

What All Comes with A 1611 Membership?


Year Round Golf

All 1611 Members get

5 hours of Bay Rentals Every Month. Don't use them? No worries! Unused Hours Rollover Every Month!

Food & Drinks

1611 Members enjoy a 20% Discount on All Food & Drinks. The discount applies not just for members but for any guest they bring. 

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Every 1611 Membership comes with 2 Free Trackman 30's.

Members also get 20% off Any additional lessons.

Member Discount

All 1611 Members get A 20% Discount, not just on food, drinks & lessons but pretty much Everything Else 1611 has to offer!

Including: Clubs, fittings, apparel, Events & More! 

Ready to become part of the 1611 Family? 

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Interested in purchasing in purchasing bay rentals in bulk? Contact us at info@1611golf.com to get more information about Bulk Packages!